Center to Advanced Palliative Care

“The essential reference for those planning and starting home-based palliative care programs. The Guide outlines a process for designing a program that provides the highest quality care, is responsive to stakeholder priorities, and is financially and operationally sustainable.”-CAPC

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Palliative Care Resource Sites

Palliative Care Resources


Palliative Care Resources


Palliative Care Resources


Palliative Care Directory


National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Kidney Resources


Advanced Illness and End-of-Life Care




American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Palliative Care Brochure
American Cancer Society Cancer Network Pediatric Palliative Care Brochure


Articles of Interest

Angus King Press Release: “Aging Gracefully: The Importance of Home Care and Hospice”
Harvard Magazine Article: “Extra Layer of Care: The Progress of Palliative Medicine
Center for Advanced Palliative Care: “America’s Care of Serious Illness: Palliative Care Report
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation: “10 FAQs: Medicare’s Role in End-of-Life Care
Center to Advance Palliative Care: 2011 Public Opinion Research on Palliative Care A Report Based on Research by Public Opinion Strategies
Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits With a Terminal Illness

CSU Institute for Palliative Care & Care Excellence-Case Management Education”The Power of WordsPatient-goals-ebook-Front-Deja-11.7.2017

IRA Byock- “We Must Earn Confidence in End-of-Life Comfort Care”


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