Hospice Veteran Partnership Conference

In 2004, staff at the Maine Hospice Council and the Togus VA Medical Center, along with our many direct service Hospice Providers developed one of the first Hospice/Veteran Partnerships in the United States.  The issues that Veterans and their families were dealing with were incredibly complex and the data was overwhelming.  One-quarter of all people who died were Veterans and of that number, only four percent died in a VA medical facility.  Ninety-six percent were dying in the care of community-based providers.  Sadly, many community-based clinicians had little information or education about the unique needs of Veterans.  Therefore, in order for Veterans to remain at home in the care of their families, the Department of Veterans Affairs realized that the VA needed to develop collaborative relationships with community partners, specifically Hospice Programs.  Today, there is still a lot to learn; however, much progress has been/is being made.  The partnership is active; Medicare Hospice contracts are in place; an annual conference is offered each Fall, and; on-going education is available upon request.  Please contact the Council to see how you can become involved.